Message from the Ambassador


Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Nepal to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Our main objective to make this website is to provide you all the necessary informations of our activities and various services offered to the Nepalese as well as to Bangladeshi and other foreign nationals. At the same time it will give the information about our bilateral relation between Nepal and Bangladesh, trade and investment opportunities and tourism.

Nepal enjoys close and cordial relations with Bangladesh marked by goodwill, cooperation and understanding to each other’s aspirations. Geographical proximity, cultural affinity, shared values and similar views on many regional and international issues bring both countries and people closer together. Nepal was one of the first country to recognize Bangladesh as the sovereign and independent state after the liberation war of 1971. The moral support and the contribution made by the Nepali people and its political leaders during the war of liberation of Bangladesh have deep imprint in the first generation of Bangladeshi politicians and freedom fighters.

I am particularly happy to be appointed as the Residential Ambassador of Nepal to Bangladesh, when the Republic of Bangladesh is marching vigorously forward on a new road of development. It is inspiring to see the success of Bangladesh in social and economic spheres.

As Nepal Ambassador to this beautiful country, I am looking forward to receiving imputs from all quarters in order to further advance our national interest. I wish the friendship and cooperation in various sectors that we have forged will grow for stronger in the years to come.