Nepal established diplomatic relations with Bangladesh on 08 April, 1972. Nepal was the 7th country to extend recognition of Bangladesh’s sovereign rights and independence soon after its independence. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the bilateral relations between Nepal and Bangladesh are characterized by cordiality, goodwill, mutual understanding and shared values and aspirations of the people. Nepal and Bangladesh share similar views on various issues of common interests and work closely in various regional and   international forums, including the UN, NAM, SAARC and BIMSTEC. Exchange of visits at various levels has consolidated close bond of relations between the two neighbours.

Economic and Commercial Relations:

Economic and commercial relations between Nepal and Bangladesh have been growing steadily over the years. There is tremendous potential for expanding and diversifying trade between the two countries. Nepal’s exports to Bangladesh constitute mainly yellow lentils, oil cakes, cardamom (large), wheat, vegetable seeds, handicrafts, pashminas etc. Imports from Bangladesh include industrial raw materials, chemicals, fabrics and textile materials, jute products, electric and electronic items.

    Balance of Trade between Nepal and Bangladesh                                 Value in ‘000 NRs 

Fiscal year Imports from B’desh Exports From Nepal Trade Balance
2004/05 205,707.00 290,877.00 +85,170.00
2005/06 104,646.00 234,323.00 +129,677.00
2006/07 286,477.00 521,499.00 +235,022.00
2007/08 491,211.00 4,664,363.00 +4,173,152.00
2008/09 418,014.00 4,710,402.00 +429,2388.00
2009/10 764,830.00 3373,718.00 +2608,888.00
2010/11 1104,150.00 3471,938.00 +2367,788.00
2011/12 1502,817.00 2578,080.00 +1075,263.00
2012/13 2174,027.00 2730,217.00 +556,190.00



Bangladesh Government has provided transit facilities to Nepal in Chittagong and Mongla Ports. The overland trade route to Bangladesh from Kakarbhitta-Phulbari-Banglabandha has been operational since September 1997. Bangladesh has also provided additional rail corridor to Nepal via Rohonpur-Sighbad for transit.

As per the air service agreement between the two countries, Biman Bangladesh Airlines and United Airways – a private airline of Bangladesh have been operating their flights in Dhaka-Kathmandu sector on daily basis, which have contributed tourism promotion and people to people contact between the two countries.

Educational cooperation:

Under the Technical Cooperation Agreement signed between Nepal and Bangladesh in April 1976, Bangladesh offers some scholarships every year to Nepalese students in the field of Medicine. Besides, every year hundreds of Nepalese students come to Bangladesh to study medicine, nursing, dentistry, engineering and other courses. At present, more than 2,500 hundred Nepali students are engaged in higher studies in various cities in Bangladesh.