The economic and commercial ties between Nepal and Bangladesh have been steadily growing over the years, offering great potential for the expansion and diversification of trade between the two countries. Nepal primarily exports red lentils, plants and plant parts (including seeds and fruits), amriso, ginger, large cardamom, fruits and fruit juice, among others. Major imports from Bangladesh include oil cakes, electric accumulators, medicaments, jute and other textiles, and potatoes.

Balance of Trade between Nepal and Bangladesh                                 Value in ‘000’ NRs

S. N. YearExportImportBalance
Source: Trade and Export Promotion Center, GoN

Despite the growth in trade between Nepal and Bangladesh over the years, Nepal has been experiencing a trade imbalance with Bangladesh in recent years. However, Nepal’s export value is expected to increase with the decision of the Bangladesh Government to lift a two-decade-long ban on Nepali yarns entering Bangladesh via Banglabandha Land Custom Station (LCS) in December 2022.