Bangladeshi nationals visiting Nepal are eligible for On-Arrival-Visa at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, as well as other designated ports of entry.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

The Government of Nepal has introduced Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) in place of visa stickers/handwritten visas to all applicants visiting Nepal. Accordingly, the Embassy has started to issue eTA in place of visa stickers/handwritten visas.

To know more about eTA, please follow the link: Click here


1) Anyone willing to obtain eTA at the Embassy has to follow the following procedures:
a. Online Visa Application Forms are accepted on working-days from Sunday to Thursday from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm. Online Visa Application with incorrect details and without required documents will not be accepted. Please follow the link to submit your online visa application.
b. It takes two (2) working days to process visa and the visa delivery time is 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm.
c. Diplomatic and official visas are issued on the basis of official written communication.
2) Following Document are required for online application:
a. Applicant must upload recent passport size photograph, National Id Card or Birth Certificate and Passport and recommendation (if any).
b. For “Business” passport holders Original trade license (notarized and with English translation) & valid Bangla trade license and visiting card must be submitted during online visa submission.
c. For “Private Service” passport holders Recommendation letter from the employer and employer’s English translated & notarized Trade license (Original) & valid Bangla Trade license and visiting card and valid ID card must be submitted during online submission.
d. For “Student” passport holders Valid original student ID card & last educational certificate (attested photocopy) or a recommendation letter from the College/University must be submitted during online submission.
e. For “Group Visa” Submission of a name list with passport numbers on an organization letter head (with official seal and signature).
f. For “All Visa” Air Ticket booking copy (Dhaka to Kathmandu)
*** The Embassy of Nepal reserve the rights to request for additional documents as deemed necessary.
3) No visa enquiry by telephone is entertained. If you are looking for additional information, please contact the Visa Desk in person, at the visa hour or please visit Nepal Embassy’s website:
4) eTA fees:
a. Tourist visas for the nationals of SAARC countries are issued free of charge (Gratis) for the first VISA in one year (01 January to 31 December) and the second visa in the same year will be subject to a eTA fee.
b. The fees for the issuance of Tourist Visas to the Foreigners and second visa for SAARC countries in the same VISA year are as follows:
For 15 Days Multiple Entries eTA TK 3210
For 30 Days Multiple Entries eTA TK 5350
For 90 Days Multiple Entries eTA TK 13375

Diplomatic and official eTA to Nepal:

Diplomatic and official visas are issued on the basis of official written communication along with online visa application.

On Arrival Visa: Foreign nationals can apply for visa on arrival at the Tribhuwan International Airport and other designated ports of entry using this link. For visa on arrival, it is requested that the traveler has a round-ticket and hotel booking for the duration of his/her stay and Covid-19 vaccination form along with the document supporting his purpose of visit.

No ‘On Arrival Visa’:

Foreign Nationals (except official and diplomatic passport holders) of the following 12 countries and Refugees with Travel Documents are requested to obtain visa from the Nepalese Embassies prior to their departure to Nepal:

1 Afghanistan 2 Cameroon 3 Ethiopia
4 Ghana 5 Iraq 6 Liberia
7 Nigeria 8 Palestine 9 Somalia
10 Swaziland 11 Zimbabwe 12 Syria
13 Refugee and Travel Document holders
Note: Please note that the above rules are subject to change without prior notice.

    • Apply online visa/eTA: Click here
    • Please include all the necessary attachments in one single file (the file should not exceed 4 MB).